God is great, God is good…


…let us thank him for our food. Thanking the Lord for blueberries today. The kids have been away for various activities this week and I spent 3! hours picking blueberries yesterday morning. The silence was wonderful and the time of reflection was the best- even better than the pie from the fruits of my labor.

As I spent the morning picking the blue jewel of Maine, I was overwhelmed at how the love and provision of the Lord is echoed through this tiny little berry. I abundantly harvested so many juicy berries and it is mind boggling to think that the next day will be filled with another abundant harvest of berries that will be ripe for the picking the very next day.

Morning by morning new mercies I see;
All I have needed Thy hand hath provided—
“Great is Thy faithfulness,” Lord, unto me!


One thought on “God is great, God is good…

  1. Nicely said. We lose something when we buy everything from the grocery stores. In harvesting there is work and silence and time with nature. I never feel like I have time like that.

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