this is my hoME.


As I sit on the dock of my grandparents’ camp for the very last time, I am filled so many different emotions. Nostalgia, joy, sadness, contentment, gratitude just to name a few.


Maine has such a special place in my ❤️ and all of those memories are tied to my grands. Some of my first memories include visiting my great uncle’s family farm in Brooks. I loved waking up to fresh bacon and cuddling cats in the barn, hoping that Grandma would let me bring one home. I had the craziest section of cowlick hair and the air in Maine was the only thing that could tame it.


I had never really experienced camp life until my grands bought their camp in Maine. So secluded, so peaceful, and the only place you could stay up all night doing a puzzle.

They later moved to Maine full time and visiting was always a joy. It truly is Vacationland.

I know there’s so much story in between- but fast forward and here we are. We live here now. After living here for 3 years, we see it through a different lens but no less magical. Breathtaking views and new adventures around every turn. Only time will tell how long we are in Maine but  this is where God has placed us for now and we are going to soak in every moment while we are here.

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